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The most efficient mobile pre-ordering tool out there!

Choosi allows Students to pre-order and customize their meal so it’s ready for pickup in the cafeteria or anywhere else on campus the school would like to offer such as the library or from a cart in the hallway.

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Wait in line... Wait in line... Wait in line...

New Way

Order. Skip the line. Enjoy!

Simple. Fun. Fast.

Download our app. Choose what you want for lunch or breakfast. Take control of your order by customizing your menu. Order. Skip the line and walk over to designated pick up area, pay for meal as you normally would and go enjoy lunch!


Why Schools need it?

Drive student participation, enhance legacy nutrition systems, import USDA-approved menus, and reduce food waste with pre-ordered meals.

Shorten Lunch Lines.

Lunch periods are too short, Allowing students to pre-order their breakfast or lunch help shorten the line for everyone.

Nutrient and Allergens Information.

Nutrient information and allergens is displayed for each meal. On made to order meals this information will be displayed once all components for the meal are added.

Save Time.

Those that pre-order can grab their meal and go avoiding the need to wait in the main lunch line which shortens it for those students who did not pre-order.

No Smartphone? No Problem.

Students and parents can pre-order through our website or kiosks can be placed in the cafeteria for those that don’t have access to a smartphone. Students can rate the meal generating valuable feedback.

Customize your order.

Made to Order sandwich and salad bars are a snap. Schools can offer made to order stations allowing student to select individual components such as bread type, meat, cheese veggie etc.

Create Student and Parent Engagement.

Creates student and Parent engagement by allowing parents to help students customize their meal, discuss nutritional information and even rate the food.

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By fully integrating with a school’s menu planning and point of sale data systems, Choosi provides a powerful, yet easy to implement marketing platform designed to help schools meet their goals of delivering healthy meals to kids.

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With over 20 years of experience in school food service, inTEAM’s founders literally wrote the book on managing Child Nutrition Programs. Fast forward to today, and CNCentral is once again revolutionizing how school meals are being prepared and served.